Our Supporters Bios

Find out a little more about our Heavyweight Supporters and the different ways in which they support us. To become a Heavyweight supporter they have either supported us consistently for three years or have given over $30,000.00 to the Naenae Youth Charitable Trust. If you click on their logo it will take you to their website.

Our Current Heavyweight Supporters are:


Aaron Whiteman Monumental Masonry LtdAaron Whiteman Monumental Masonry Ltd: have supplied their quality craftsmanship by providing each world heavyweight boxing boulder on our premises with an attractive plaque displaying the boxer’s names, date of championship and individual rock sponsor’s name.  The number of rocks and their plaques continues to grow as new world champions arise.



Anne Landeman: Anne is another of our Auckland supporters. It is very encouraging to have folks from far afield supporting our boxing gym in Naenae.

Anne's donations are untagged but she wanted us to treat the boys, so we spent part of her first donation on pizza for our prizegiving night - Anne was delighted with this.

Anne has been supporting us with untagged funds for 3 years now and we really appreciate her generosity towards our youth.




BJC Elements Ltd: It all happens right here in Naenae; a hugely successful manufacturing and exporting company, BJC Elements is a wonderful supporter of the Naenae Boxing Academy. Managing Director Kean O’Neill solved a huge problem for Billy one day by shipping one of our engraved rocks all the way to the USA! Kean has also provided employment for one of our boys here at the Academy and given him a chance to ‘break the mould’ and step out. BJC Elements is a community minded company and we are proud to be serving Naenae together!



BR Contractors Ltd

B R Contractors Ltd: Our local Park Avenue maintenance company supplied equipment and labour for two years running from 2008, enabling a large community team led by the Hutt City Council to tidy up and repaint the Naenae shopping district. B R Contractors are readily available to assist with community needs.  Managing Director; Brian Ross, has been a faithful Trustee since the Trust’s inception in 2007, holding the position of Chairman. Despite a very busy timetable, Brian is quick to make himself available, frequently providing much appreciated wise counsel and practical encouragement.  



One Square Meal Logo

Cookie Time Limited: the Mayell brothers have used Billy many times as a guest speaker over the years and when we started the Naenae Boxing Academy in 2006 they began supplying each of our members with a One Square Meal bar every training night.  So that’s an OSM for every boy twice a week since 2006! The Cookie Time Charitable Trust has also generously supported us in the past.





Chris Mackay Financial Planning LogoChris MacKay Financial Planning: A big thank you to this Lower Hutt company who has been supporting us as a 250 Club Member since 2011. It is encouraging that those close to us are prepared to keep giving; there are many needs in the Hutt Valley.





Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath: we have the best accountants ever, not only because they have caught the vision for what we do and advise us accordingly but they don’t charge us a cent. Crowe Horwath meet with us every couple of months and Liz Le Prou from their Lower Hutt office has been the mastermind behind both of our Black Tie Fundraising Dinners. Crowe Horwath make us look good!



David & Noelene Diggs Foundation: David and Noelene have shared and strongly believed in our vision right from the outset, donating much needed cash before we even had a track record.  They have remained loyal supporters and friends of ours, frequently providing all manner of financial assistance over the years, not to mention invaluable retreats for Billy and Kerri at their beautiful guest lodge in Christchurch.



D C & R F Moses: Personal friends of Billy and Kerri’s, Roger and Ros Moses have been very loyal and valued donors throughout the years.  As Principal of Wellington College Roger share's Billy's passion to see boys develop and achieve excellence as individuals and contributing members in the community.



Eat Unlimited LogoEat Unlimited: since May 2009 have been providing our Academy boys with delicious, wholesome, fresh meals.  Cooked beautifully and delivered directly to us, we store these meals in our Academy freezer which means they are available for reheating whenever we need them; whether it’s for a team of boys and coaches on a boxing tournament trip, a special event, or helping our Academy families.



Ezra Builders LogoEzra Builders: Alan Macdonald knocked on our door one day and asked Kerri what building work she wanted done around the house. He then promised to do the same for Billy in the gym! What can you say about a man like that?! Alan organises his company Ezra Builders to have ‘service days’ and we have been amongst the fortunate recipients. Since 2009 Ezra Builders have turned up a number of times to help us; Alan organises the materials to be donated and then provides the labour. It’s called ‘Paying it Forward’. Thank you Ezra Builders!



Fuji Xerox NZ Ltd

Fuji Xerox NZ Ltd: Billy has been speaking for Fuji Xerox for many years now as they sponsor Billy to speak to secondary schools, Principals’ conferences and National Youth Leadership events throughout the country. Billy relishes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our youth and what better way to do this than via the education system. We also have a great Fuji Xerox printer in our office and all printing costs are sponsored.



Gary and Lisa Tranter

Garry & Lisa Tranter: Garry Tranter began supporting us with a clever business initiative back in June 2009 while he was then owner of the United Video Trentham, actively promoting our Academy work and providing a percentage of voluntary customer’s fees to our Trust.  Having since sold this business Garry and Lisa have continued with their enthusiastic interest, donating towards our work and regularly attending Academy events.



Gillespie Young Watson LogoGillespie Young Watson: Michael Hofmann-Body and his team at Gillespie Young Watson have provided free legal advice ever since the establishment of our trust in July 2007. Michael meets regularly with our Trust’s fundraising team providing his professional services and the firm held a golf tournament fundraiser event for us in 2013. Michael was our very first 250 Club member and has continued until this day, now as a Platinum member.



Green Newman Holdings

Green Newman Holdings: John and Robyn Green began supporting us in 2009 and have faithfully done so every year since then.

They are Wellington based supporters, which is very encouraging. Thank you John and Robyn - five years is a long time and we greatly appreciate your consistent giving!




Harcourts: Our first two charity auctions in 2006 & 2007 were organised and sponsored by Harcourts!  They have continued their support by providing us with quality auctioneering services at our Black Tie Dinners, through to sponsorship of some of our NBA boys, provision of a trophy cabinet and various other gifts including rock sponsorship in 2006.  Harcourts have continued to provide valuable assistance to our charitable cause.



Hatuma Lime Company Ltd

Hatuma Lime Company Ltd: have generously contributed to the fulfillment of Billy’s childhood dream to display world heavyweight boxing champions around the perimeter of the Academy property.  They have especially selected and delivered numerous large limestone boulders from their quarry over the years, which Billy has cut and outstanding local talent, Daniel Mills, has painted world famous portraits on.  They are outstanding sculptures and passers-by frequently stop to look at them, including tour buses!



Michael Hofmann-Body: Michael Hofmann-Body and his team at Gillespie Young Watson have provided free legal advice ever since the establishment of our trust in July 2007 and Michael meets regularly with our Trust’s fundraising team providing his professional services. Michael has also taken a personal interest in what we do here at the Naenae Boxing Academy, becoming our very first 250 Club member in 2010. Michael is now a Platinum 250 Club member.



Mike Pinkey: Mike has known Billy for many years, primarily through his involvement in the real estate industry and attending many a conference that Billy has spoken at. Mike has always shown an interest in Billy's career and has been a loyal 250 Club Member since 2011, plus donating separately in 2012. Thank you for the respect you give us Mike and your on-going support, all the way from Auckland.



Outward BoundOutward Bound: Our relationship with Trevor Taylor and his team began in 2009 when Billy was invited to speak at Anakiwa. Since then eight of our boys have had scholarships provided to attend the Outward Bound courses and one of them has been made an Outward Bound Ambassador! We rely heavily on our network partners to expand our members’ horizons and teach them skills we cannot equip them with here. Thank you for challenging us and providing our boys with an opportunity to build their lives upon.





Paul McArthur and Danika Charlton: Billy often meets people passionate about life and funnily enough boxing, but none more so than Paul McArthur! Since 2009 Paul has been contributing towards the NBA team trips to the US Airforce Academy; a thrilling experience but a costly one. Our bi-annual Black Tie Fundraising Dinners just wouldn’t be the same without Paul and his darling Danika, and frequent phone calls and visits to keep the ‘Motivator’ motivated are Paul’s speciality. Thank you Paul for all that you are to Billy and his boys.



Precision Precision: Synonymous in office furniture and storage in New Zealand since 1921, Precision have given us quality lockers for our Academy on three separate occasions over the years, from the Academy’s first fit out in 2006.  Individual photos and names are attached to each locker for every junior and senior member.  These are an important feature of our club as they help provide a sense of belonging for our boys. In addition, in 2008 our new office was completely furnished by Precision which put grateful smiles on our administration staff faces!



Professionals Hutt CityProfessionals Hutt City Ltd: John Ross and his awesome team have been in our corner right from the beginning and we have them to thank for the purchase of the house next door - for which they pay the expenses and from which we collect the rent! John and his wife Jenni have also blessed us with a donation from their personal trust.





Quality Vehicle Imports

Quality Vehicle Imports: What a blessing to have an Auckland based company thinking of us and supporting us here in Naenae. Colin Watt emailed us in 2010 wanting to supply t-shirts for our members! We gladly accepted and every time we email through another order they are delivered pronto. Nothing is too much trouble and Colin even attended the Naenae launch of Billy’s second book - ‘Making Champion Men’ last year. You make us look good Colin and we really appreciate you.



Recon Security

Recon Security: We haven’t been tested on this yet but our property here in Naenae is very secure thanks to Blair and his team at Recon. They have alarmed us since 2010 and every time we add another corner on Recon are here to set us up. Blair has been a solid supporter at our Black Tie Fundraising Dinners and is always coming up with awesome ideas.  Thank you Blair for your practical support!



Resene Paints

Resene Paints: Resene’s Head Office is in Naenae and in 2005 when we bought the buildings they agreed to supply the paint. They have never stopped and also supply Billy with the Graffiti Cleaner that he has used to clean up Naenae. Resene Paints are a community minded company and we appreciate that.



Richard King: Richard's dad Doctor King was the Lower Hutt doctor that dealt with the local boxing clubs many years ago and so was well known to Billy.

Richard is now an anaesthetist in New York, but visits us when he is home in the Hutt Valley and has been supporting us as a 250 Club Member since 2011. Richard became our first Platinum 250 Club member in 2012. Richard has also donated the funds to buy prizes for our boys over the years. New York is a long way from Naenae and we are privileged to be in your thoughts Richard!



Rob Grindlay: Rob has been a long-time family friend of Billy's and has contributed many a generous cheque to us, always personally delivered with words of encouragement and a hand written note.>

We greatly value Rob's interest in the Naenae Boxing Academy, his advice and encouragement. Thank you.



Rotary Hutt City LogoRotary Club of Hutt City: are another local organisation who have been on our wavelength right from the beginning. As well as making significant untagged donations to the work here, the Club awarded Billy the Paul Harris Fellowship in 2007, for his services to youth in the Hutt Valley. The club continues to support us financially and to know we have an important sector of the Hutt Valley community behind us is very encouraging.





Simon Mahony: Simon's son joined us at the Naenae Boxing Academy as a member in 2007 and has been an inspiration not only to some of our members but to Billy and Kerri personally. He has not returned in 2014 but Simon, who became a 250 Club member in 2010 is still consistently giving to us. We value all the support we get from parents and appreciate Simon giving back in this way.




Speakerlink: Sherryl Hewlett has been working with Billy for some years now, promoting and arranging conference bookings for him through her company Speakerlink.

Another Auckland based supporter, Sherryl is contributing to the Naenae Youth Charitable Trust, not only via conference bookings but personally as a 250 Club Member. Thank you Sherryl for giving back in this way.



Specsavers LogoSpecsavers Lower Hutt: Specsavers Lower Hutt have been supporting us through their Specsavers Community Program for this past year, providing us with regular quarterly donations which we are extremely grateful for. As well as these donations Specsavers Lower Hutt have also supported us for the past three years by providing free eye tests and sets of glasses for a number of our members. We are very thankful for all their support.



Stevens Motors

Stevens Motors: There is nothing more Billy could have wanted to drive his boys around in, than a brand new Ford Transit…except one with ‘Boxing’ and ‘Billy’ written all over it! And that is what we have, thanks to Stevens Motors in High Street, Lower Hutt. An extreme blessing, only to be eclipsed by a second van (smaller than Billy’s monster man vehicle of course!) that Stu has given us this year to drive even more boys around in. We are so well equipped! A huge thank you to Stevens Motors.



Vodafone NZ Foundation

Vodafone NZ Foundation: we were recipients of the Vodafone World of Difference programme in 2008. The Vodafone Foundation was the first organisation to put cash up front and support Billy with a salary and expenses. This was a huge encouragement to us and allowed Billy to focus on running the Naenae Boxing Academy as first priority with guest speaking second. Since then we have experienced more of the Vodafone Foundation’s generosity and we meet regularly with them as part of the wider Vodafone Foundation family.

In 2015 David Graham (Billy & Kerri's son) was awarded as a World of Difference recipient. David's role for the year is 'Academy Coach', growing capacity in our two existing gyms and developing relationships nationwide.



Vodafone NZ Ltd LogoRussell Stanners as CEO must be extremely proud of Vodafone NZ. We are certainly proud to be associated with them and would not be in the position we are today if it wasn’t for their support!

Vodafone NZ Ltd:  Vodafone NZ in our opinion lead the way in the area of corporate responsibility in NZ! They have supported us from early on, recommending we apply for their World of Difference program, being available whenever we need sound advice, offering their staff to help us with upcoming projects and paying for air tickets on three separate occasions for our NBA team to train at the USA Airforce base!



Woburn International

Woburn International:
June Ranson and her team at Woburn International have always been there, just when we needed the specialist help that only a migration specialist can give.

June is fully on-board with what we do at the Naenae Youth Charitable Trust and has played a significant role in one of our members not only staying in NZ but he has almost gained his NZ Residency. (Fees has been heavily sponsored by Woburn International).

Thank you June, we really couldn’t have managed this without you!


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